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I started playing guitar at an early age. In college I began studying classical guitar and formed the group Downpour with 2 musician friends. Our mantra was “If they hear us, They will hire us”. This exposure led us to audition for Clive Davis of Arista records and, surprisingly, Stevie Wonder and his group sat in at our session.

Eventually we produced our own album, Fly Away and presented it To CBS, Warner Brothers, and various New York producers. We evolved into a full fledged rock band and our group lasted until 2000 playing unlimited venues. A musical span of almost thirty years.

After a short hiatus I returned to the stage as a solo artist, performing jazz, early rock, country and modern hits. Currently I live in Green Valley and have played at San Ignacio, Canoa Ranch, the Elks Club, Wisdom’s and Dos. Those who enjoy a diverse range of music, including Nat King Cole, the Beatles, James Taylor and some country hits should stop by and sing along.